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How it works

Got a Student Choice card? Great! You are ready to spend.
Don't have a card yet? Click here to find out where to buy.

 Choose where to spend

Too much choice? No worries.
You don’t have to spend it all at one partner!

You can choose how and where you want to spend your card balance and any remaining balance after transaction, will stay on your card for as long as it is valid for. This way you can enjoy your Student Choice card more than once!

High street

In need of some new books? We’ve got you covered with WHSmith. Rather have a night out at Wagamama or see a film at Odeon?
The choice is all yours!


Click here to find out where you can spend your Student Choice card on the high street near you.


Want to do some online shopping or listen to your favourite music  online?
Why not spend your card on Spotify or ASOS?


You can use your Student Choice gift card to purchase one of their e-gifts here on our website! Easy and simple.


 How to spend

Spending on the high street

Your Student Choice gift card works just like a prepaid card.

Use the card to pay for part or all of the bill at checkout. No problem if you overspend too, just use cash or a credit or debit card to make up for the remaining amount. Simply present your card for payment, and swipe the card like a regular prepaid card.

Please do make sure you check your card balance and validity first before making the payment.

How to use online

You can use your gift card as a payment method in our Student Choice catalogue. The catalogue includes Spotify or ASOS e-gifts that are available in fixed denominations. Just pick the partner and e-gift value, enter your email address and proceed to check-out.

Your Student Choice card works just like a regular prepaid card: simply fill in the card details online at the check-out page for payment. Once the transaction is complete, you will instantly receive your e-gift via email.

Go to online catalogue now

Please do make sure you check your card balance and validity first before purchasing an e-gift. If your balance is not sufficient to cover the e-gift purchase, the transaction will fail.

You currently cannot use another form of payment to top-up, but we’re working on that !