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JD Sports: The leading trainer and sports fashion retailer in the UK

More than just a sporting goods retailer, JD Sports offers clothing, accessories, trainers and more, all for incredibly reasonable prices. The brand has been renowned as the UK's leading specialist retailer for sporting and casual wear for many years, with over 600 stores worldwide, selling everything from branded fashion to footballs and from bicycles to fishing rods.
The brand was born in 1981, when John Wardle and David Makin first opened John David Sports in the small town of Bury in the Greater Manchester area. The brand spread throughout the North and the Midlands over the course of the 80s, before the first London store opened in 1989. In the 90s, the retailer, which was beginning to focus more on sports fashion, took advantage of the rise in popularity of casual sportswear, as people began wearing the clothing for everyday use, due to its comfort and bold design.
The rise in popularity during the 90s of designer sports brands, such as Nike, Puma, Reebok and adidas, further bolstered the company's fortunes. By the turn of the century, JD Sports had earned a name for itself as the most revered sporting goods brand in the country.
Today, the retailer is still popular with young sports fans and fashionistas alike due to its continued brand relationships with big names such as Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein and more besides. It has also created a number of its own brand labels, such as Pink Soda and The Duffer of St George, which offer surprising quality at a very reasonable price and have, in some circles, become almost as coveted as the brands they initially sought to replicate. So if you're ready to spend your Student Choice gift card and are in the market for a new pair of trainers or a new gym outfit, JD Sports have you covered.
Why Choose Student Choice?
Student Choice gift cards offer a perfect solution to a very modern problem; what do you buy for the student who is constantly learning and therefore constantly evolving? Buy them a CD and you could find out they don't like that band anymore or don't even own a CD player, or buy them a shirt and they might not care for the brand or the design. They might not even care for shirts at all! A traditional gift card, meanwhile, is often limited to just one retailer, and if they are not keen on that particular retailer, you might as well have just given them a tenner in a card. Our gift cards, however, put an end to that worry by offering the one thing that all students crave and respect; choice.
The sheer variety of goods offered in the average JD Sports store, and its ubiquity in the UK, make it the ideal partner for Student Choice, and if the student in your life doesn't care much for sportswear, there are plenty of other retailers that accept our gift cards. So, whether you know a student with a birthday on the horizon, or you simply want to congratulate them on some solid recent exam results, a Student Choice gift card, which can be loaded with anywhere between £10 and £100 and personalised with a custom message, is always the right choice.