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Wagamama: Delicious food, any time of day

A japanese-inspired restaurant chain, wagamama has spent the last 26 years building a name for itself in the UK as a restaurant and noodle bar with a unique atmosphere and a decidedly quirky personality. The first restaurant was opened in London in 1992 by Alan Yau, the famed restaurateur who is also behind the Hakkasan and Yauatcha brands. Wagamama now operates across the world in over 140 locations, serving up noodles, ramens, seafood and vegan dishes to hungry consumers looking for a convincing taste of Asia.
Named for the Japanese word for “wilful,” but most often translated by the brand itself as “naughty child,” the brand follows the concept of “Kaizen,” a Japanese term for constant improvement that roughly translates to “good change.” This means that the brand is continuously striving to improve its business, the quality of its restaurants and the food they serve, as well as the working lives of its employees.
Yau was inspired by the lightning-quick ramen bars that litter Japans busy high streets but decided to add a pinch of British convenience and hospitality into the mix. With its affordable prices, speedy service and cool, clean interiors, Wagamama has become a favourite dining establishment amongst the students of the UK. Offering a more exotic alternative to the ‘traditional’ student hangouts of Pizza Hut and Nando’s, Wagamama has brought Japanese dining to the UK and beyond.
From the fragrant, filling yaki soba, to the crispy prawn lollipops and the famous katsu curry, Wagamama offers meals suitable for any palette, from the spicy and adventurous, to the humble and comforting. Nourishing vegetables, tender meat and fresh, aromatic spices are very much the order of the day. As such, it has become something of a staple for modern British students, particularly as a location for a first date or socialise with friends. In other words, it’s the perfect match for Student Choice, and with 134 restaurants in the UK alone, wherever the student in your life is studying, there’s bound to be a local Wagamama ready and waiting to accept their gift card.
Why Choose Student Choice?
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There are also many other retailers available, so you don’t even need to spend it all in one place, which is just one of the many reasons why the Student Choice gift card is the perfect gift for the more discerning student.