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WHSmith: books, stationery, gifts, and much more

An institution that’s as British as cold summers and hot tea, WHSmith (or just “Smiths” for short) has been providing us with newspapers, magazine, books, stationery and plenty more besides for over 200 years. Originally a humble news vendor, the first WHSmith was opened in London in 1792 by Henry Walton Smith, but it was his son William Henry, who took over the family business upon his father’s passing in 1812, that the business really started to thrive. The company became known as W. H. Smith & Son in 1846 and took advantage of the country’s burgeoning railway service by opening newsstands at railway stations.
WHSmith might have begun life as a simple newsstand, but throughout the 20th century, the company began to branch out into a number of other areas. WHSmith Travel operated from 1973 to 1991 and the company bought the Our Price music chain in 1986. Around the same time, it also began stocking music and video releases in its stores, though in recent years the brand has largely reverted to type and is dedicated primarily to the written word. Today, there are currently over 1,300 WHSmith locations in the UK (around 600 of them are traditional high street stores), with almost every town and every city in the UK boasting at least one branch. It also operates internationally, but will always be a very British concern.
As a purveyor of books and stationery, not to mention office supplies, WHSmith is an obvious choice for any student who values their studies over their social life. A Student Choice gift card will give them access to an incomparable array of supplies, which will keep them going well into their third year.
There’s also a fair amount of nostalgia attached to the brand, which is something that students particularly get a kick out of. Indeed, anyone who grew up in the UK and never received a WHSmith gift card or voucher from a relative is probably in the minority, so in that regard, a Student Choice gift card works on multiple levels. It can also be used at numerous other national retailers, with the flexibility offered by the Student Choice gift card one of the many reasons it makes for such an incredible gift idea.
Why Choose Student Choice?
Student Choice offers students the perfect gift every time; the gift of choice. Purchase one of our gift cards either in store (via one of our retail partners) or online and the balance of the card can be spent with a number of national retailers that have been chosen, by us, to reflect the wants, needs and tastes of the modern student.
From the ODEON cinema chain to JD Sports to WHSmith, you’ll be amazed at how far our gift card can take you. Our cards can be used at any of the 600+ WHSmith stores located up and down the length and breadth of the UK, and you can choose how much of the balance is used at any time. The cards work in a similar manner to a typical credit card, with a balance selected by the purchaser of between £10 and £100.
So, whether you’re celebrating a birthday, Christmas, or a spectacular exam result, why not consider giving the student in your life the gift of choice with a Student Choice gift card?