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ASOS: Your style, your way

With a selection tailored towards millennials and fashion-forward individuals, ASOS (which stands for “As Seen On Screen”) is a brand that's been popular with students since it first debuted around the turn of the century, thanks to its reasonable prices and unique designs. Headquartered in the bohemian Mecca of Camden Town in London, ASOS has blossomed over the last 18 years into a global online fashion and beauty retailer, which ships to over 200 countries and has a unique foothold in the social media world.
ASOS currently stocks over 850 top brands, but where it really stands out is with its own ranges of clothes and accessories. The site's in-house designs are constantly pushing the boundaries when it comes to blending the worlds of fashion and pop culture. A case in point would be the latest bold, colourful and busy designs themed around the iconic animated sitcom, The Simpsons. Other ASOS designs also feature pop culture references as varied as The Beatles, Mickey Mouse, Madonna, the famous Nirvana smiley and more besides. So, whatever the student in your life is into, they'll find something to match their tastes.
With a dense social media presence and a vibrant brand voice that speaks directly to the consistently changing world of millennial fashion, ASOS is a site on which you can be assured any student with a keen eye for fashion would be happy to spend their time and money. ASOS are also one of the few major online clothing retailers currently utilising the full potential of the Instagram Stories platform. Their own mobile app is also a highly focused tool, which includes a very unique and handy feature that allows users to upload images of clothing they like and have similar or matching items of clothing recommended for them by the app's unique algorithm.
ASOS is truly a forward-thinking brand in terms of both technology and fashion, making it just one of many perfect options when it comes to spending a Student Choice gift card.
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With the breadth of choice offered by a Student Choice gift card, you can rest assured that you're giving the student in your life the perfect gift, every time, regardless of their lifestyle, tastes or preferences. Whether you're rewarding a recently excellent exam score, or are worrying about a birthday present and haven't been able to keep up with what young people actually want these days, a Student Choice gift card is a wonderful solution.
Setting up your gift card is remarkably straightforward. Either purchase a pre-loaded gift card at one of our partner retailers or order a card online, which can be loaded with up to £100. You can even choose to add a custom message. The recipient can then choose to spend the balance at one of many different retailers, all of which have been specifically chosen to cater to students. So whether they want to take a date out for a meal, unwind with a movie at the local cinema, or, of course, treat themselves to some new threads at ASOS, the choice is up to them.