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Now TV: Staying in is the new going out

Like the rest of us, students occasionally enjoy nothing more than to curl up in front of the TV. However, with the multitude of companies such as Sky, BT and Virgin offering so many expensive TV packages, it can often be difficult to see the wood for the trees, particularly if you're only interested in a few specific shows or stations. That's where NOW TV comes in. A subsidiary of Sky, NOW TV offers many of the same channels and services of its parent company, but with no contract and no obligations and often at a fraction of the price.
Unlike the more extensive and expensive packages offered by their competitors, NOW TV operates via passes, so you're only paying for the TV you actually want to watch. Passes are themed around movies, entertainment, sports, children's programming and reality TV. This means that if you just want to watch sports, you can opt for just the single Sports pass. Conversely, if you wish to watch sports and catch the latest dramas and comedies on Sky One and Sky Atlantic (for example) you can also order the Entertainment pass.
We know that most students probably don't get as much free time to watch TV as those of us with a regular 9-5 existence. As such, NOW TV is a perfect fit for the student lifestyle and with the Student Choice gift card, you could choose to spend some or all of your balance on a number of passes. You might not even require a NOW TV box in order to access the content, as the service is available on a number of devices, such as Smart TV sets and games consoles. You can also watch NOW TV content on your mobile devices, which is ideal for students who are always on the go.
NOW TV are constantly updating and adding to their service, and it can quite comfortably supplement a standard Freeview service, so if you know a student who is unhappy with their current TV package, a Student Choice gift card would be a perfect gift.
Why Choose Student Choice?
A Student Choice gift card allows the recipient to spend the balance of their card how they want, when they want and on what they want. Whether they fancy catching the latest blockbuster or foreign arthouse flick at their local ODEON, grabbing a meal with friends, or treating themselves to a few months of entertainment at home with a NOW TV pass, the options are there. If purchased online, our gift cards can also be pre-loaded with a set amount (from £10 all the way up to £100), so it doesn't matter how small or large the occasion, there's a gift card to suit it.
Using your Student Choice gift card to purchase a pass (or multiple passes) on NOW TV is as simple as using a credit card. Simply enter your gift card information as you would a conventional credit card and choose how much of your balance you wish to use. The pass system of NOW TV also allows for a great degree of flexibility. So, for example, if there are a few big matches coming up that you just need to see or you're having some classmates over at the weekend for a chillout session and you need a few movies to keep everyone entertained, you get to choose. And choice is what Student Choice (and student life) is all about!