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Spotify: listen to millions of songs all in one place

The undisputed king of online music streaming services, Spotify has changed the game when it comes to how people of all ages and all musical persuasions enjoy the latest albums, singles, and plenty more besides. A platform that many have tried to replicate and many more have unsuccessfully tried to dethrone, Spotify has become the platform of choice for the majority of young music fans, and it has managed to do so in under a decade.
The service was first started back in October 2008 from an office in Stockholm, Sweden, and was born on a ground-breaking 'freemium' business model. Whereas competing services such as Apple's iTunes (at the time) charged users on a per-song, per-album or per-playlist basis, Spotify instead opted for a subscription model, where users can choose to pay a monthly fee and stream the service's vast catalogue whenever they desire. Even more remarkably, if users didn't want to pay, they didn't have to! They could choose to use Spotify completely free-of-charge, as long as they were willing to put up with the occasional sponsored ad break.
The ensuing 10 years have seen Spotify make subtle changes to its model, but it has never faltered on its original promise to offer the largest selection of songs online to music fans, in a model that means they only pay if they want a top tier service. It's not just a simple song player anymore either. Spotify has evolved into a one-stop platform for all audio needs. From podcasts and personalised playlists, to global and regional charts, radio stations and 'discover' playlists tailored to your tastes, there is plenty to explore and the service is always expanding.
With a Student Choice gift card, your recipient can choose to spend some (or all) of their balance on a premium subscription, which will not only allow them to listen to over 40 million songs by over 2 million artists, but will also allow them access to premium benefits. These include the ability to download songs to mobile devices (for offline listening), higher quality streaming and audio quality and the complete removal of advertisements.
Why Choose Student Choice?
Whilst it can be tempting, when shopping for students, to fall back on the kind of gifts we used to appreciate when we were toiling away at our exams, the times have changed immeasurably in the last few years. In the age of social media, the opinions, tastes and desires of the millennial generation are consistently in flux. That's where our Student Choice gift cards come in.
Load one of our gift cards with anywhere between £10 and £100 and it can be spent at several top retailers, all of which have been selected to appeal to students. Then simply sit back at let the kudos roll in! To use a Student Choice gift card with Spotify, simply follow the instructions to pay for a monthly or annual subscription and add the gift card code in when prompted. Spotify even offers a student discount service, so really, a Student Choice gift card and a Spotify subscription is a match made in musical heaven.